Executive Editor: Chris Colton, Rick Buckley

Authors: Peter V Giannoudis, Hans Christoph Pape, Michael Sch├╝tz

Femur shaft

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Lateral decubitus position
Supine positioning with abducted contralateral leg enlarge

Lateral decubitus position with traction of the affected leg

The patient is positioned in lateral decubitus with the contralateral leg resting on the fracture table. Traction is applied only to the fractured extremity.

This position is recommended for very proximal fractures because finding the entry-point is easier. However, it is more time consuming and iatrogenic injuries to the pudendal nerve have been documented, due to prolonged or excessive traction.

The arm position is always anterior of the trunk.

C-arm positioning enlarge

Additional traction at knee joint

Alternatively, additional traction at the knee joint may be applied to take account of any flexion of the proximal fracture fragment.

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