Executive Editor: Peter Trafton

Authors: Rahul Banerjee, Peter Brink, Matej Cimerman, Tim Pohlemann, Matevz Tomazevic

Pelvic ring

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Supine position

Place the patient in the supine position on a radiolucent table.

A urinary catheter should be inserted prior to beginning the procedure.


Prior to starting the procedure fluoroscopic AP, inlet and outlet x-rays should be obtained to ensure adequate visualization.

Prior to draping, ensure that the C-arm is able to obtain the necessary images without being obstructed by the table.

The legs should be accessible for possible reduction maneuvers, but not necessarily prepped and draped. A pillow to flex the hip can help to relax the neurovascular structures and iliopsoas muscle if desired for anterior pelvic approach. All pressure points should be padded.

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