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Authors: Tania Ferguson, Daren Forward


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Supine position

Patient positioning

Place the patient supine on either a radiolucent flat-top operating table or fracture table with support spars that allow hip mobility. The fracture table chosen should also provide imaging capability.


The upper extremities can be positioned at the side, or the arm on the side of injury can be positioned across the chest. A pneumatic compression device can be placed on the uninvolved lower extremity.


A urinary catheter should always be inserted prior to surgery.



On a radiolucent table, the lower abdomen and injured hindquarter are draped into a single surgical field that allows full hip mobility.


Lateral traction

A lateral traction attachment is available for some fracture tables. This attachment allows the femoral head to be reduced to an anatomic position and provide a stable template around which the articular fragments can be reduced.


Lateral traction attachment

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