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Executive Editor: Edward Ellis III, Kazuo Shimozato General Editor: Daniel Buchbinder

Authors: J Andreasen, CP Cornelius, N Gellrich, S Hillerup, K Kusumoto, W Schubert

Dentoalveolar Trauma - Tooth fracture, enamel/dentin - Dentin exposure

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1 Decision/Indication top

Acute treatment includes a seal of exposed enamel dentin with glass ionomer cement.
Treatment options include reattachment of the fragment with composite etch technique if retrieved and found intact. Alternatively, the tooth can be augmented with composite material or a porcelain restoration.

2 Treatment top

Temporary seal with glass-ionomer cement enlarge

Under emergency settings three treatment options can be considered:

  1. Accept the dentin exposure for later restoration.
  2. Make a temporary seal with glass ionomer cement (as illustrated).
  3. If a fragment is retrieved, bonding of this fragment to the remaining tooth may be performed. If bonding materials are not available, the procedure can be postponed and the tooth fragment stored in saline, for delayed restoration.

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