General Editor: Chris Colton

Authors: Fergal Monsell, Dalia Sepulveda

Pediatric distal forearm 23u-E/1.1

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1 Introduction top


This is a rare injury.

If there is diagnostic doubt, screening by image intensification can be useful.

2 Short arm cast top


General considerations

The purpose of the cast is to provide protection and pain relief during the period of fracture healing.

A short arm cast is sufficient for undisplaced epiphyseal fractures.

The short arm cast is applied according to standard procedure:


Splitting the cast

If a complete cast is applied in the acute phase after injury, it is safer to split the cast down to skin over its full length.

The cast may be split along the ulnar border or radially according to surgeon preference and/or the presence of any associated soft tissue compromize.


3 Long arm cast top


General considerations

In the event that a long arm cast is necessary (see above) it is applied and split according to standard procedure:

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