General Editor: Chris Colton

Authors: Fergal Monsell, Dalia Sepulveda

Pediatric distal forearm 23-M/2.1

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1 Introduction top


It is important to ascertain that these are incomplete fractures. A torus fracture is by definition, a failure of a single cortex in compression, and is therefore minimally displaced and stable.  

It is essential to make sure that there is no breach of the opposite tension cortex (greenstick fracture), as this requires a different management program.

2 Short arm cast top


General considerations

The purpose of the cast is to provide protection and pain relief during the period of fracture healing.

The short arm cast is applied according to standard procedure:

Note: In young, small, or noncompliant patients, it is safer to apply a long arm cast.


Splitting of cast

If a complete cast is applied in the acute phase after injury, it is safer to split the cast down to skin over its full length.

3 Long arm cast top


In the event that a long arm cast is necessary (see above) it is applied and split according to standard procedure:

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