AOSR iPad app will be discontinued

Due to its marginal use and high maintenance cost, the AOSR iPad app will be discontinued in August. Instead you may access the AOSR through the iPhone/Android app, or a web browser.

To use the AOSR without the app on your iPad:

  1. Go to
  2. If preferred, you can now choose to use the desktop version on your iPad at the bottom of the screen
  3. If you want an AO Surgey Reference icon on your iPad, just add a link button to your home screen, here is how to do it

Choose Mobile or Desktop view

Are you one of all those who wanted to access our webpage in the desktop view on a mobile device or veterinary section on your tablet/smartphone? To meet this request we provide a switch on both the mobile and the desktop version of our web-page.

To access the veterinary section on a mobile device:

  1. browse to using your normal web browser
  2. select "Desktop view"
  3. select any of the veterinarian sections
  4. add a bookmark and you've got direct access for the next time!

For all other users, please note that links to videos and E-learning modules are only visible in the desktop view. When accessing the desktop view through a mobile device, these links will only work if your device support Adobe Flash.