The implantation of a hemiarthroplasty in these fractures is comparable to hemiarthroplasty in degenerative arthrosis.

Key steps are:

  • Retrieval of humeral head
  • Measurement of humeral head size
  • Exposure of proximal humerus in external rotation and adduction
  • Exposure of most medial insertion line of supraspinatus tendon
  • Rasping of humeral shaft
  • Probe insertion
  • Trimming of anatomic neck using oscillating saw and using probe as a template
  • Defining final size and position of prosthetic humeral head
  • Assembly of prosthesis according to individual parameters
  • Insertion of definitive prosthesis
  • Closure of osteotomy/tenotomy

These fractures are rare. Therefore, the surgical procedure of this treatment is not detailed here. Please refer to the manufacturer’s technique guide.