First proximal screw

Position the plate firmly by hand and plan the position of the first proximal screw near the fracture.

Drill a 2.5 mm hole through both fibular cortices.

After measuring the length through the plate, tap with the 3.5 mm cortical tap and protection sleeve.

Insert the corresponding cortex screw. The screw should just penetrate the far cortex but not come into contact with the tibia.


First distal screw

Next insert a screw into the most proximal of the distal plate holes. Drill carefully until just penetrating the opposite cortical bone.

Measure the length and select the screw. Tap threads in both cortices and insert the chosen cortex screw.


Insertion of remaining screws

Insert the remaining proximal screws as described above.

The remaining distal screws are inserted perpendicularly to the bone.

All the screws are gently tightened.


Final check

Check final fixation under image intensification.